The Speedometer Method

What is the 'Speedometer Method'?? Well, the speedometer method is a simple but effective way to be to keep you full, but not too full, and, to stop you from getting too hungry... Its a way to keep you at the optimal state throughout the day and during meal time.


Imagine a car speedometer that goes up to 100mph, now lets change the mph to percentage. 0-25% = Red (Hungry)

26-39% = Yellow (Not hungry but could eat)

40-60% = Green (Feeling good)

61-75% = Yellow (Full enough to not eat any more)

76-100% = Red (Too full, feeling sick)

This is now the replacement for your fullness percentage.

How it works...

This method gives you a mental image throughout the day when you get certain triggers and feeling to eat/ not eat. Before making the decision on eating or not, put yourself HONESTLY on the speedometer and see where you fit.

By doing this, you can then make conscious decisions with your food choice and plan accordingly. For example; you may land within the 26-39% range although you may be more towards the 26% than 39% therefore you may want to top your car (your body) up with some fuel (calories). Now, do you think you need to top your car up as much if it is 39%

full then you do at 26% full? No, didn't think so, so don't do it to your body neither.

How to use it...

During the day, I want you to listen to your body and ask yourself where you are on the scale. This then goes in to the equation in order to choose your next meal. Thats how simple but yet effective this method can be; if you are regularly asking yourself this question before making your meal choices you will find yourself making more sensible portion sizes and healthier choices.

Who is it for...

This method can be used at any age and any ability. It can also be used for different fitness goals.

Don't over complicate it...

It doesn't have to be too complicated. Just listen to your body, ask yourself where you are on the scale and react to the outcome sensibly and wisely.

Author: Chris Redman (@warriozcoach on Instagram)

#W365Shred #BodypHood

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