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Updated: Jan 15

In September 2020 I came across this product from 'Body pHood'. I had been looking into more natural supplements to help enhance my performance and general well-being without having to pay out £££'s for the latest powders and mixtures which never agreed with me anyway! I then found 'Brain pHood' and it changed my life...

My Experience...

At first, I researched the ingredients in the capsules to get a better understanding of the benefits of each and just how they could aid my progression. After confirming my understanding of the products and reading the reviews, I ordered my first bottle.

I made the decision to cut out every other supplement that I had been taking; protein powders, bars, gels the lot and made a commitment to only take 'Brain pHood' as well as Fish Oil tablets which I have taken.

At first, I didn't feel a difference, just felt OK and that's when I realised... With being a business owner and waking at 4:45am everyday and not shutting down until midnight most nights I suffered with really bad midday slumps and lack of motivation, until now, they had gone, I felt more motivated and focus on my businesses and even after a week of 18 hours a day straight.

I finished my first bottle and didn't reorder and what do you know? 2 days later I was back to having midday slumps and that's when the light build switched on. I ordered my second bottle and within 2 days after it had arrived, I was back to being super productive and working on my businesses with clear focus.

The Magic Formula...

Reishi Also known as the “Mushroom of Immortality” takes the lead in this premium grade formula. Combined with turmeric’s beneficial compounds and Burdock’s rich possessions of polyphenols and antioxidant this unique blend offers purity like no other supplement. Topped with wild sea kelp, rich in iodine contributing to normal cognitive function.

Turmeric contains Curcumin, which is associated with having anti-inflammatory properties. It is a traditional superfood!

Kelp, considered to be the most abundant natural source of iodine, contributes to normal cognitive function and is essential for brain development during specific periods of growth.

Burdock, the root of the plant has a long history of use in traditional herbal medicine. Burdock root is used holistically by practitioners considering it to be a blood purifier.

Reishi mushrooms are merited for its adaptogen properties, antioxidants and support towards the immune system.

All ingredients used by BODY pHOOD are certified organic.

What Does It Do...

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Easing joint pain

  • Balancing moods

  • Increasing focus

  • Supporting the nervous system

  • Providing a daily natural lift

  • Supporting normal cognitive function

  • Supporting the immune function


This decision has not only improved my well-being and cognitive function but it has as saved me a few pennies along the way costing me only £19.99 per month compared to the £100+ per month on other products.

With the positive impact this product has had on my life in such a suitable and natural way, I decided to approach Body pHood and ask them if I could supply there product to our members at Focuz-Fit, which if you didn't know is available to purchase below:


Author: Chris Redman (@warriozcoach on Instagram)

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