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Helping To Build Their Future Together

Focuz-Fit presents ‘Partnership’. Focuz-Fit provide an array of non-contracted and contracted services to a variety of Primary Schools, Nurseries & Businesses. Our partnerships are built on trust and transparency as we understand that for two parties to work in unity in order to build the future can be extremely challenging. Therefore, here at Focuz-Fit we build trust with ours partners through clear communication and transparency with our services. We also ensure that every programme is 100% tailor-made to suite your individual desires, so we as a partnership can thrive and continue to build and develop together.

Focuz-Fit are located within the Northwest of England (please see map below) and our services are continuously growing and becoming more popular. We are currently partnered with 5 Primary Schools, 13 Nurseries & 6 Businesses with an increase in demand since September 2019. Focuz-Fit do not just accept any proposition, we want to be certain that both parties are compatible and will be able to keep developing together. Due to this unwritten rule, Focuz-Fit are extremely thorough when recruiting new coaches as we want and need them to be as passionate about our visions in order to maintain the high standards we hold ourselves accountable to.   

We understand that you may feel like you are balancing plates at times in your current position. With that being said, the last thing you need or want is another! That’s why, Focuz-Fit guarantee professional and high standards across all areas. This means that after your tailored programme has been confirmed, then alls you need to do is sit back and let us get to work.