Check out some of the partners we have been working with and what they have been saying about us since the start of Focuz-Fit in May 2017.




Rimrose Hope Primary School

Rimrose Hope Primary School partnered with Focuz-Fit LTD in July 2018. The school has been very welcoming to all coaches which has allowed Focuz-Fit LD the opportunity to embed it roots into the children’s and staff’s hearts. The aids a progressive and positive environment for all.

Kids Planet Day Nurseries

Kids Planet Day Nurseries in the 3rd biggest nursery chain in the United Kingdom with 52 settings. Focuz-Fit LTD first partnered up with one setting in Fazakerley, Liverpool in October 2019. Since then, our services and reputation has spread like wildfire within the organisation and has become a very popular service to coincide with the nurseries P.O.W on a weekly basis. Focuz-Fit LTD now work in 7 Kids Planet settings across the North West of England.

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Waterloo Judo Club

Waterloo Judo Club is the home of our #WARRIORZ and has been since 2016. It is a fantastic facility which adds to the experience that our #WARRIORZ get. 


“We are proud to have Focuz-Fit use our facilities in order to provide fantastic services for our local community as well as supporting the charity.”